Thursday, May 16, 2013

How President Obama stole the 2012 Election

When President Obama was reelected last Fall, I thought he had won fair and square.  Democratic turnout was simply higher.  Obama supporters must have worked harder than Romney supporters.  Sadly this is not the whole story.

In recent days we have learned that the IRS specifically targeted not just Tea Party groups, but hundreds of groups that were likely to support the Republican candidate.  Even theologically conservative religious groups were targeted for audits.  As a result, these groups were not able to raise money that would not only be used for issue advertising - but this targeted IRS harassment hampered efforts to register voters, something these groups commonly do.  Meanwhile, groups supporting the president continued to operate unhindered.  There is zero doubt that this happened, the only question is: Who gave the order?

Then there is Benghazi.  We now know that: 1) Before the attack, Ambassador Stevens requested additional security over 30 times.  Even though the facility had been attacked, his pleas were ignored.  2) During the attack - even though no one knew how long the attack would last - no help was sent.  In fact, military units were ordered not to respond.  Those CIA and State Department  operatives who did respond, did so without orders.  3) After the attack, the administration made up a lie about a demonstration over a YouTube video - and even though they knew from the beginning of the attack that it was terrorism, they stated that it was not.   The constant before, during and after the attack was an effort to maintain the illusion that President Obama had killed Bin Ladin and won the war on terror.  Four Americans died to maintain this illusion.  Who gave the order?

How can we know who gave the order?  Well, let's as a couple of questions any detective would ask:

1) Who had motive, means and opportunity?  Answer: President Obama.  What is more likely, that low level officials made all of these decisions on their own - or that they did so under orders from the top?

2) Is the subject in question acting like he is innocent?  In regards to the IRS, the president is not acting as if he is innocent.  Consider his choice for the new IRS Commissioner.  An innocent president would have picked a distinguished member of the other party and had them take over at once.  Instead, President Obama appointed a White House staffer and let the current disgraced commissioner remain in office for two months.   In the Benghazi scandal, the president has been caught in lie after lie.  His administration has stalled and obstructed the efforts of the press and congress to discover the truth.  In both scandals, he is acting like he is guilty.

What would have happened to President Obama's reelection chances if the whole truth about Benghazi had been made public the next day?  Would the election have been very different if hundreds of conservative organizations had been free to register voters and place issue ads instead of fighting the IRS?  Of course, we will never know for sure - but it is probable that our current president would be named Romney.

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