Thursday, May 30, 2013

Gun Owners and 2nd Amendment Supporters - Boycott Staples!

When a local gun shop entered a Staples contest, they were a bit shocked to get this reply:

“We’re sorry, but your small business entry into the Staples PUSH It Forward Contest has been rejected for the following reason(s): Entry contains content that promotes alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco, firearms/weapons (or the use of any of the foregoing); promotes any activities that may appear unsafe or dangerous; promotes any particular political agenda or message; is obscene or offensive; or endorses any form of hate or hate group.”

Please note that not only does this policy place legal gun dealers (many of whom are retired cops or military) in the same category as drug dealers, pornographers and Nazis - it also places all of us who own and responsibly use firearms in the very same category.

The complete story is HERE.

Since we are still living in a free country, we have a remedy available: We can choose to shop elsewhere - AND LET STAPLES KNOW WHY WE ARE DOING SO.

They can be reached at: 

If you wish, feel free to use my email, reproduced below:

Dear Staples,

In regards to your actions as described in this story: 

I am writing to let you know that I will never shop are your stores again.  Your bigoted, prejudiced and baseless attitude towards the 50% of American households who own firearms is simply inexcusable.  Be assured that I and many others who value our 2nd Amendment rights will spread the word of your actions far and wide.  We will encourage everyone we know to NEVER set foot in any of your stores again.

If you are still clueless in regards to how much trouble you are in, imagine the outcry if you had refused to let a church or a gay bar enter your contest because you found religion or homosexuality unacceptable.  You have every right to do this - and we have every right to take our business elsewhere.  You have underestimated our power and our numbers - just as the national media did.  This may not cost you much in California, New York and D.C. - but it will cost you a great deal in  Nevada, Nebraska, Texas and about 40 other largely pro-gun rights states.

What were you thinking?

Don't just sit there and let them insult you - do something about it!

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