Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Is President Obama The Democratic Nixon?

Well, let's take stock of how the Obama administration has attacked the "charter of negative liberties" (Pres. Obama's words about our constitution):

1) He has attacked the 1st Amendment religious freedoms of Catholics and others

2) He has attempted to muzzle and/or suppress the free speech rights of conservative groups by using the IRS - just as Richard Nixon did.

3) His DOJ has illegally spied on AP reporters - perhaps in an attempt to control the press

4) His DOJ (ATF) sent thousands of guns to Mexican drug cartels, for no good reason - and then used the increase in US guns recovered in Mexico to argue for more gun laws - including laws that violate the 2nd Amendment.  When his DOJ was asked for information by congress, he claimed executive privilege - forcing congress to sue him to get to the truth.

5) In the wake of the Newtown mass murder he renewed his efforts to ban guns.  Many of his proposed laws clearly violate Supreme Court rulings affirming the 2nd Amendment.

Then there is Benghazi.  It now appears clear that:

1) His State Department failed to provide adequate security even though the very Ambassador who was killed requested it OVER 30 TIMES.

2) When the attack took place, and no one had any idea home it would turn out, our president's response was to do absolutely nothing.  He ordered no help sent - and someone actually gave an order forbidding military units that could have helped from doing so.  State Department security forces had to go into battle without them.

3) After being told by both the career State Department personnel and the CIA that this as a terrorist attack - he and highly placed members of the administration lied to the American people so he could win an election.

I lived through Nixon and Watergate - and all of this seems very familiar.....

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