Friday, December 20, 2013

The Massive Media Double Standard - Mocking Christians Is Always OK

Earlier this week I wrote about the Duck Dynasty controversy.  Today, I would like to ad some additional thoughts.

One of the things happening as a result of this uproar is that people are taking note of all of the attacks upon Christianity and Christians by media figures - and noticing that absolutely nothing is ever done about it.  Some examples:

Saturday Night Live kicked of Lent this year by mocking the Risen Christ - portraying Him as full of vengeance as he comes back to life, only to kill those who oppose Him.

Ask yourself, if a prominent gay person - living or dead - were mocked in this way, would that be acceptable?

But that is not Saturday Night Live's only offensive mockery of Jesus and Christains:

Where was the uproar over this tasteless skit?  Of course, there was none.

The there's Bill Mahr, who almost never misses a chance to attack Christians:

Of course, Mahr was not disciplined in any way - in spite of protests and requests that he be disciplined by the Catholic League.

Then there is Mahr's rant on this occasion:

Again, no one suspended Mahr for his attack upon Christians. By the way, I happen to know lots of Conservative Christians who not only give, but work to help the poor, the sick and the addicted - as a matter of fact, until I become disabled every job this conservative Christian held involved doing just that.

Then there MSNBC's Ed Shultz - who said this: “What do Christian values mean to Republicans,  It's just a stepping stone, a footstool, to get exactly what they want in the political arena. They hide behind their plastic Jesus”   How nice that Mr. Shultz can judge every Christian Republican and label them as hypocrites.  Here's the video:

I think that's enough examples to make it clear that Christians who are conservative in either politics or theology or both are fair game to all facets of the media.  They can be mocked, lied about and attacked with falsehoods with absolutely no consequences.

Am I saying that these people should be suspended or fired?  Absolutely not.  If what they are saying offends you, change the channel.  If enough people do this, they will notice.  Censorship - be it imposed by government, church or pressure groups is a bad idea.

What I am saying is that it is hypocritical in the extreme for the left and gay activists to call for Phil Robertson suspension, while saying nothing when Christians are mocked and slandered.

The same rules should apply to everyone - and right now the clearly do not.

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  1. Amen, brother. But then, the more militant of the gay activists don't want mere equality nor do they want just the rights heterosexuals have; they want a bit of supremacy. And they sure want Christians to shut up. I'm comforted in some small measure not all gays agree with them. So far as I know, the Bill of Rights doesn't give any of us protection from being offended. That includes gays, just like it does Christians. I agree with you that if we, as Americans, don't start practicing the true tolerance you described in your earlier blog, we absolutely will regret it. Thank you for your well worded and insightful thoughts, Mr. Warde.