Monday, April 22, 2013

What The Media Isn't Reporting About Federal Background Checks

In reporting the defeat of the background check bill, the mainstream media has toed the liberal line by refusing to report the real story: The Obama administration does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING when criminals lie of the background check form and are rejected for a "legal" gun purchase.  Instead of busting them for this felony and getting them off the streets, they leave felons who are looking for guns in the community so the can find an illegal gun and go on to commit crimes.  The Obama DOJ doesn't even notify local authorities - who in many cases could prosecute or just simply violate their parole.

How often does this happen?  Well, every year well over 40,000 people fail background checks due to a previous felony or a restraining order.  Every one of these people knew they were not eligible to buy a firearm and every one lied about the restraining order or felony conviction on the 4473 form.    Every one of them presented ID, completed the form in their own handwriting and their finger prints are all over the form.  These are easy cases to win.

So out of over 40,000 criminal attempts to buy a firearm, how many convictions are obtained each year?  LESS THAN 20!  In fact the chances that a criminal attempt to buy a firearm from a dealer will be prosecuted is less than one chance in 300 - and in spite of these cases being easy to win, the vast majority of these cases will not result in convictions.

If the administration was making good use of current background check laws, expanding the system would make some sense - but they aren't.  Instead, these people are left on the streets, where they frequently buy guns on the black market.  Many go on to use these guns in crimes - including homicides.  This total lack of concern for the victims of gun crimes causes the administration's calls for more background checks to ring hollow.

If the administration really wants to expand the background check system, they need to use the current system to actually stop violent crimes by prosecuting the vast majority of these cases.  Do that, and many gun owners will support the expansion of the system to private sales.

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