Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Connecticut Drives Gun Makers Out Of State - Other States Losing Jobs Too

Connecticut Gov. Malloy has no problem slandering the gun companies that employ thousands of his citizens, by saying they don't care who they sell their products to. This idiot actually said, "There aren't that many gun companies in Connecticut."

Really? Have you ever heard of a little company named COLT? They are in Hartford. Then there is MOSSBERG. They are in North Haven. In addition there is RUGER. They are in South Port. In addition to these companies, there are lots of smaller, newer companies (such as PTR Rifles) that have started up in the last few years. In fact, Connecticut is the gun manufacturing headquarters of the nation - literally. The National Shooting Sports Foundation, the industry's association, is headquartered in Newtown - for now.

Gun manufacturers are not just making a statement. Every gun sold in the US must have the city and state of manufacture stamped on the barrel. These companies are extremely concerned that customers will not buy guns made in a state that is so hostile to gun rights. 

Maybe Malloy's statement is simply forward looking - because these companies won't be there much longer. COLT IS LEAVING THE STATE due to it's hostility towards the 2nd Amendment (they are moving to TX). PTR is leaving for the same reason. TX, ID, UT and other western and southern states have put out the welcome mat. Sadly, Connecticut can kiss the last of it's previously huge manufacturing base goodbye.

Some references:

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