Saturday, January 26, 2013

Gun Control For Dummies - A Beginner's Guide

Before you form an opinion on the current debate, shouldn't you make sure that what you think you know is really accurate?

Gun and Gun Control Facts Test - How Much Do You Really Know?

Any laws passed by the Congress and signed by the Pres. Obama are certain to be challenged by gun rights groups.  Sen. Feinstein pointed out that no one challenged her last ban, in effect from 1994-2004.  What has changed since then, and what constitutional challenges do gun control laws face?

What Will The Constitution Allow? New Gun Laws And Current Constitutional Law

The administration and other gun control advocates are arguing that "Assault Weapons" are not used by "sportsmen" and "target shooters" - so they should not be concerned if they are banned.  So far it isn't working.  Why not?

Why Virtually All Gun Owners Oppose A Ban On "Assault Weapons" - And Why You Should Too

Gun control advocates argue that by limiting magazine capacities, lives can be saved.  Do the facts support this idea?

Why Magazine Capacity Limits Are Pointless

Expanding the background check system to all firearms transfers is supported by not only a majority of the public - but if the polls are to be believed, this is the only gun control measure that has the support of most gun owners.  Are there any problems with the background check system?  What are they, and will they result in it being ineffective?

What's Wrong With More Background Checks?

In the midst of all of this controversy, are there any steps that both sides agree on?   If so, why are we not starting by enacting them?

Common Ground? 5 Gun Control Measures Both Sides Agree Upon

The current motive for gun control is the recent cluster of mass shootings.  What do they all have in common and what can we do to reduce the number of such incidents?

What Can Be Done To Reduce Mass Murder Incidents?

On December 11th, 2012 a man entered the Clackamas Town Center near Happy Valley, Oregon with a stolen AR15 rifle intent upon mass murder.  His killing spree was cut short after two people were killed.  What caused him to stop shooting other people and take his own life?

What The National Media Left Out Of The Portland Mall Shooting Story

The purpose of gun control is supposedly to save lives.  The argument is that if fewer people are allowed to own guns, there will be fewer guns and fewer guns will result in fewer murders.  Do the facts support this theory?  

Does Gun Control Really Save Lives?

A Point By Point Analysis Of President Obama's Executive Orders And Recommendations On Gun Violence

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly And The Missing

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