Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Gun and Gun Control Facts Test - How Much Do You Really Know?

In the wake of the latest horrible tragedy, Pres. Obama has asked for a “national conversation” on the issue of guns and gun violence.  The following test will enable you to see how much you know about this important issue, before the debate begins.  Please consider printing it out and taking it.  There is a link to the answer sheet at the bottom of this very long page.  Information is power!

1) If the assault weapons ban had remained in effect, including its’ restrictions on magazine capacity, the shootings in Arizona, Colorado, and Connecticut would have been prevented or at least lives would have been saved.

True          False

2) The Federal Assault Weapons ban, in effect from 1994 to 2004, banned  “assault weapons” and large capacity magazines.  This law:

a) Reduced Crime and Mass Shootings

b) Increased Crime and Mass Shootings

c) Had no measurable effect upon crime and mass shootings

3) The NRA has opposed all gun control laws.

True       False

4) Since the 2nd Amendment refers only to the National Guard, it presents no obstacles to gun control laws.

True      False

5) Assault Weapons are likely not protected by the 2nd Amendment.

True         False

6) The 2nd Amendment probably doesn’t prohibit gun registration.

True      False

7) Since we live in a modern age, with modern weapons, the militia purpose of the 2nd Amendment is irrelevant.

True     False

8) “Assault Weapons” are machine guns.

True    False

9) “Assault Weapons” have significantly more firepower than other semi-automatic firearms.

True     False

10) Semi-auto weapons can be fired accurately much more quickly than other guns available to the public.

True     False

11) Limits on magazine capacity are probably constitutional if the limits are reasonable.

True      False

12) Banning large capacity magazines will reduce the firepower of criminals and mass murderers.

True      False

13) Assault rifles are used as murder weapons:

a) Frequently

b) Infrequently

c) Less often than bare hands

14) The United States is the only modern, Western nation in which military style semi-automatic firearms may legally owned by civilians.  The United States is also has the highest percentage of homes in which firearms are present.

True     False

15) Rifles with magazine capacities greater than 15 rounds have been around for 150 years.

True      False

16) Most gun owners are hunters – the 2nd amendment is about protecting their rights.

True     False

17) Most mass shootings take place in places where screened, trained, and licensed citizens and off duty police are forbidden to carry firearms.

True      False

18) The vast majority of mass shootings are ended when:

a) The shooter runs out of ammunition

b) The shooter runs out of people to kill

c) The shooter is tackled by a bystander

d) The shooter is confronted with armed opposition

19) Other countries, with much tighter gun control laws, do not experience mass shootings.

True      False

20) The rate of legal firearms ownership in a state or city is related to violent crime in that:

a) The more guns are legally owned, the higher the crime rate

b) The more guns are legally owned, the lower the crime rate

21) It is easy for prohibited persons to buy firearms from a dealer in the US.

True       False

22) Connecticut’s loose gun laws contributed to the recent school shooting there.

True      False

23) States with more restrictive gun laws experience:

a) More mass shootings

b) Fewer mass shootings

c) About the same number of mass shootings

24) The AR15 rifle is the most popular rifle in the US and is widely used in target shooting, competitive shooting, self-defense and even hunting.

True     False

25) Leading gun control groups only want to ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines.

True        False

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