Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The ATF Fast and Furious Scandal: An Overview and Timeline

Note: This blog's timeline will be updated several times per week in order to keep this reference current

Note: Timeline updated September 11, 2012

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Fast and Furious FAQs

What questions remain to be answered?  Why is it important that the investigation continue?

 I have heard reports that DOJ has turned over all documents related to the Fast and Furious operation – that the only documents being withheld are those after the operation shut down.  Is this true?

I have heard over and over that 70-90% of crime guns recovered in Mexico come from US gun shops. Is this true?

Didn't this all start under Bush? Didn't he do the same thing? Didn't his "Wide Receiver" operation use the same tactics?

Wasn't Fast and Furious Just a Botched Sting Operation?

Hasn't Fortune Magazine Proved That No "Gun Walking" Took Place? 

I've heard that "straw purchasers" aren't really punished - that it's like a traffic ticket. Democrats are calling Federal "gun trafficking" law. What laws are on the books now? What are the penalties?

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