Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Unanswered questions in Fast and Furious

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The following are but a few of the questions regarding Fast and Furious that – after 18 months of investigation – have not been answered due to the administration’s stonewalling:

How did Fast and Furious have any chance of working as a law enforcement operation?  How could it have worked?

Who originally thought up this operation?   Does this person work in AZ or DC?

Who authorized Fast and Furious?  Where do they work and whom do they work for?

Why has no one been fired?  Why is the Inspector General’s investigation taking so long?

Why were the lessons of Wide Receiver ignored?  If an operation with far more safeguards was shut down in failure, why did the same ATF office feel safe in running an operation with far fewer safeguards?  If Wide Receiver was shut down when less than 400 guns got away – why was Fast and Furious allowed to continue after 2000+ guns went South?

Why did the DOJ submit a false letter to Sen. Grassley?  Who was responsible for the falsehoods contained in it?  Why did it take nearly a year for DOJ to correct the letter?

Who was responsible for the attempt to blame cooperating gun dealers?  Why were the concerns of these dealers ignored?  Why was false information communicated to the in order to secure their continued cooperation?

Why was the man running the operation in Phoenix regularly communicating with a White House aide, regularly briefing him on the operation?  Why did this man believe that the White House should be briefed via regular DOJ channels?  Why was this same White House aide transferred to the US Embassy in Baghdad Iraq soon after the story broke?  Why has the White ordered this same aide not to testify before Issa's committee?

Finally, given the number of political anti-gun rights zealots involved , and the lack of a clear law enforcement objective, was the motive for the operation the advancement of gun control politics?

Until these questions are answered, the investigation should continue.

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