Monday, September 19, 2011

You Have To Love California

Talk about irony - as the Federal gun cops are involved in a huge scandal for smuggling guns into Mexico and Canada is about to abolish it's long gun registry - after spending 2 Billion dollars (yes, billion) and accomplishing nothing - what do you think is sitting on Gov. Brown's desk? That's right, a long gun registration bill!

But that's not all. There is also an ammunition bill that mirrors a Federal law that was repealed in 1985 as ineffective, and a ban on the open carry of unloaded guns - that UCLA Law Prof. and anti-gun activist Adam Winkler warns will result in the courts ordering CCW permits to be issued for simple self defense to anyone qualified to own a gun.

You would never know that the Supreme Court has affirmed that the 2nd Amendment protects a personal right and that all of these bills will cause huge legal bills for the state. The NRA and Calguns already have the lawsuits ready, and chances are that California will loss and have to pay all the legal costs for both sides.

Our legislature is in denial - they don't want o accept the fact that the right to keep and bear (hint guys - that means carry) firearms is now accorded the same level of protection as freedom of speech, assembly or religion. The level of protection is called "strict scrutiny" and it means that the government must have a compelling need for any restrictions and they must be the lest intrusive that will satisfy that need. NONE of these bills is likely to stand up to this test because other states are doing just fine without them and other laws (background checks, etc) are already in place.

So at a time when California is broke, our legislature wants to start a loosing legal battle with the gun rights lobby. Got to love California!

There is time left to stop these bills. Contact Governor Brown ( and ask him to veto AB-144, AB-809 and SB-427. We cannot afford these expensive and unconstitutional bills!

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