Thursday, September 8, 2011

Why Attorney General Eric Holder Should Resign

As the “Fast and Furious” ATF scandal continues to move upward through the Department of Justice (DOJ), which the Attorney General heads, Eric Holder continues to deny both knowledge an responsibility. With more congressional hearings a certainty, this scandal is likely to grow – and Eric Holder will likely be forced to testify. This will be a “no win” situation for both Holder and President Obama. My unsolicited advice to AG Holder is simple: Take responsibility and resign now.

These are the reasons why:

1) With the scandal reaching to within one step of Holder, it is very possible that evidence or testimony will surface that will directly implicate him.

2) Even in the absence of such evidence, this scandal happened on Holder’s watch. It went on for two full years, purportedly without his knowledge. This alone should be enough to get him fired. A real leader would take responsibility and resign.

3) Someone in the Administration is going to have to take the fall for this mess in order for it to “go away” before the election. If no one does, this will be a major issue – especially in “swing states”. This is also a huge issue among Hispanics, and will cost Obama many votes in that community if it is still an issue.

If President Obama wants a second term he may decide that Holder must go. Yet another reason for him to “man up”, take responsibility and resign.

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