Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Do Democrats Keep People Out Of Poverty?

Based on Presidential Election Wins 2000-2012
Blue = 4 Democratic Wins
Light Blue = 3 Democratic Wins
Purple = 2 Wins Each
Pink = 3 Republican Wins
Red = 4 Republican Wins
Democrats claim that they do the best job of keeping people out of poverty.  Is that really true?  Well, let's check.

The key to getting it right is the Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA).  In some states the cost of living is so high that people who make a lot of money still are impoverished.  In others, the cost of living is low and people making much less are not in poverty. 

The map at left gauges control of states by charting the winners in the last 4 presidential elections.  This mirrors control of state government - especially legislatures - quite well.

Here are the most impoverished states when COLA is factored:

1) California - Blue State  (Most impoverished state)
2) Hawaii - Blue State
3) New Jersey - Blue State
4) Florida - Purple State
5) Nevada - Purple State
6) Maryland - Blue State
7) Virginia - Purple State
8) Massachusetts - Blue State
9) Connecticut - Blue State
10  New Hampshire - Blue State


1) All ten of the most impoverished states are solidly Democratic or lean heavily Democratic.

2) Even more significantly, not one of the states is solidly Republican or leans Republican.

3) Only one state - Florida - is in the Deep South

4) Many of the top ten states are losing populations as people move to - you guessed it - Red States.

These states are losing population
These states are gaining population


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  1. This data doesn't agree witht he US Census Bureau statistics on poverty. According to that data, California is ranked #34 for %of people in poverty, Hawaii #16 (women) or 9 (men), New Jersey #14 (women) or 16 (men), and New Hampshire has the lowest number of people in poverty of any state in the union.