Saturday, October 10, 2015

Five LAWFUL Executive Orders Pres. Obama Could Issue On Guns

With increased talk of more "executive orders" on guns, I thought I would suggest five LAWFUL and CONSTITUTIONAL orders Pres. Obama could issue that would actually do some good.

1) President Obama could order the BATFE to start arresting and prosecuting people who lie on the background check form. to gun control advocates, the background check system stops 60,000 people a year from buying firearms.  They want you to believe that all of these people are prohibited because of criminal convictions or mental health issues - when the fact is that tens of thousands of these people are wrongly denied.  Many appeal and eventually get their guns.  Never the less, many people DO LIE ON THE FORM.  This is a felony.

Since the person's name and signature (not to mention fingerprints) are on the form, and they had to present ID at the time they filled it out, prosecution is very easy.  So, there must be hundreds, if not thousands of convictions every year, right?  WRONG.  The reality is that prosecutions run less than ten per year.  So, prohibited persons have virtually no chance of being punished if they attempt to buy a gun through legal channels.  With nothing to loose, that is exactly what many prohibited people do.

Gun control groups do not care about this - and up to this point, neither does President Obama.  Never mind that about 1/3 of these people slip through and get guns.  (See point #2.)  Never mind that they then turn to the black market and still get guns.  Focusing upon criminals and other prohibited persons tends to take the focus off of restrictions placed upon the law abiding - and this is their priority.

2) President Obama could withhold some federal funds from states that are not reporting felony convictions and mental health commitments to the FBI background check database.

At least 1/3 of prohibited persons are not in the FBI's background check database, due to

many states not making reporting a priority.  One would think that a president who was truly concerned about keeping guns out of the wrong hands would make sure that states report felony convictions and mental health commitments.  Not so, neither the president or most gun control groups care about this.  (Kudos to the Giffords for being the ONLY gun control advocates to address this issue.)

Who does care about this?  Who is working hardest to fix this?  THE GUN INDUSTRY.

3) President Obama could order BATFE to establish "Project Exile" nationwide - starting with Chicago.

Project Exile was an ATF program that embedded ATF agents in local law enforcement agencies.  They then investigated firearms crimes committed by criminals - who were then prosecuted in federal courts and sentenced to federal time in prisons far away from home.  It turns out that criminals have families who visit them in local state prisons - but cannot visit nearly as often (if at all) when they are sent to a federal prison several states away.  Therefore, many criminals are much more afraid of doing federal time.  Hence the name: Project Exile.

Many Criminals Responded To Warnings
Like This By Getting Rid Of Their Guns

The National Rifle Association and the Brady Campaign both supported Project Exile - so why not do it nationwide.

This approach was very successful - it resulted in drug dealers deciding that carrying a gun was a bad idea.  It did not stop criminals from committing crimes - but it did cause many of them to stop carrying or using guns.  Think how much good this could do in Chicago!

There is only one problem: If it works, it would remove pressure for other actions that would remove firearms from the hands of the law abiding.  Since restricting the rights of law abiding citizens is the real priority, Pres. Obama won't do this either.

4) President Obama could give private sellers access to the FBI's NICS background check system.

While the NRA and most, but not all, other gun rights groups oppose mandatory background checks on private sales and transfers of ownership - they do not oppose making the system optionally available to private sellers.  Many private gun owners would use the system when selling to a stranger - and if this is really how criminals are getting guns, then gun control advocates and the president should support this action.

However, this would likely result in more criminals being denied guns through lawful channels and decreasing pressure for more radical gun restrictions - and that is why it won't happen. 

5) President Obama could direct federal law enforcement funding towards training police officers to recognize the dangerously mentally ill.

Before people can be placed on the prohibited list they must be identified.  Most mentally ill
Most Mentally Ill Murderers Have Had
Multiple Law Enforcement Contacts
Before They Kill
mass murderers have had multiple contacts with law enforcement before they kill - but they were never evaluated.  Laws exist in most, if not all, states allow people who are a danger to others to be sent in for mental health evaluation.  Such evaluations would result in many dangerous people being identified, treated and placed in the database of prohibited persons.

However - you guessed it - this won't happen because it takes the focus off of restricting the gun rights of law abiding, sane Americans.

Australia Confiscated Hunting
Rifles & Shotguns - This Is Pres. Obama's
Idea Of Common Sense Gun Laws
Sadly, President Obama won't do any of these things because he is committed to the near disarmament of the American people.  Want proof?  Obama cites two countries as examples of "common sense" gun control: Australia and the UK.

Australia is the more reasonable to these two examples.  They only confiscated about 40% of their firearms - including millions of hunting shotguns and rifles.  Recently, there 
has been a debate over the legality of a lever action shotgun invented in 1887.  No matter how high crime is in your neighborhood, self-defense is not a good enough reason to get the government to allow you to own a gun.  No wonder armed robberies went up after these restrictions were put in place.

Although the UK Has The Most Restrictive
Gun Laws In Europe & Low Murder Rates
It Has The Has The Highest Rate Of
Violent Crime - Over 4 Times That Of The US

The U.K. has the most restrictive gun laws in the E.U. - their Olympic Pistol Team has to practice in Switzerland, because all pistols - even target pistols - are banned.  Special exemptions had to be passed to allow the London to host the Olympics.  Want to own a rifle?  Well, you have to first join a club (takes six months) - and then jump through countless further hoops.  Owning a shotgun is easier, but still very hard.  Finally, you guessed it, the U.K. has confiscated tens of millions of previously legal firearms.  In addition, all defensive uses of firearms are illegal.  Oh, by the way, with all of this - they have still had mass shootings in public.  Gun crime, which has always been low - even when guns were widely available, has actually increased.  The U.K. also has the highest rate of violent crime in the E.U. - a much higher rate than the U.S.  The lowest crime rate?  Switzerland - the nation with the most guns!  Finland, Sweden and France all have many more legally owned firearms and much lower crime rates than the U.K.

The fact is that crime rates - including murder rates - do not fall when guns are banned THEY RISE.

These Charts Document The Change In 
Murder Rates After Handgun Bans In Three Countries 

Pres. Obama's so called "common sense gun laws"
did not work in the UK, Ireland or Jamaica 

Of course, these actions would be unconstitutional here in the U.S - but since when has the Constitution stopped this president from doing anything?

Now that you know the facts, do you still think this president is only proposing "common sense" gun restrictions?  Is it any wonder that gun owners do not trust this president?

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