Saturday, October 17, 2015

Did Hillary Throw Away The Election this Week?

What would happen to Donald Trump's chances if he made this statement: "I think that an abortion ban makes sense.  If I'm elected, I will order the arrest of anyone performing an abortion."  How long would it take the mainstream media and the Democrats to destroy him?   How long would it be before commentators pointed out that his actions would directly violate the Constitution as interpreted by the Supreme Court?   Should we not be afraid of ANYONE who promises to violate the Constitution before they are ever are elected?

Well, you didn't miss Donald Trump's statement - because he didn't say that.  However , Hillary Clinton said something just as devastating: SHE ADVOCATED DRACONIAN GUN CONTROL, INCLUDING A COMPLETE HANDGUN BAN - AND SHE DID IT ON VIDEO!

To understand that this is exactly what she is proposing, you have to understand two things:

1) The question she is answering is: Australia basically banned handguns and confiscated them by the millions.  Can we do that?

Notice that she NEVER says that banning handguns is going too far, or is unconstitutional.  In fact, she goes on to praise such action.

2) She references three nations as shining examples of gun control:  
Australia (near handgun ban), Canada (near handgun ban) and the UK (actual total handgun ban).  If these are the countries see wants to model our laws after - then she is proposing such a ban.

So, there is ZERO DOUBT that Hillary has doubled down on her call for massive gun control - including a handgun ban.  So, you say - "What's wrong with that?"  Well, two things......

First, such action would directly violate the US Constitution, as interpreted by the Supreme Court in 2008 and again in 2010.  It would be just as unconstitutional as banning all abortions.  In fact, the decisions specifically held that handguns are protected by the 2nd Amendment.  Notice that Clinton never says anything about their being ANY constitutional limits on gun laws.

In contrast, Bernie Sanders has only supported gun control measures that have not been ruled unconstitutional.

So, you say, "No president would ever directly violate an order of the Supreme Court!"  I suggest you go to Oklahoma and ask the Cherokee.  They were forcibly removed to that locate AFTER the Supreme Court told Pres. Johnson he could not do so.  So, if she wants to try, she certainly can IF she gets elected.

Second, she has no clue what the American people really believe about handgun laws.  Presently 43 states allow citizen concealed carry.  That's 86% of the total.  Not one state has ever repealed such a law.

Then there is the results of several polls:

The American people oppose ANY new gun control by a narrow margin. (Source)

Another poll (by Gallup) 52% want laws to stay the same or be made less strict.  (Source)

When we move away from gun control in general - which includes less severe measures such as increased background checks - to the issue at hand BANNING HANDGUNS.

Well, on this issue, the news is worse.  Again, according to Gallup polling,  73% of Americans oppose a ban on handguns.  In fact, opposition to such a law has been growing for decades:

A good gauge of the level of support for the 2nd Amendment in a given state is the support for citizen concealed carry.  If a state is shall issue, which means that it allows those who can legally own guns to carry them. then support for the 2nd Amendment is strong.  After all, one one state was forced to do this by the courts.  Check out this map:

86% of US states, containing 72.7% of the US population, allow anyone able to pass the training and the background check to carry the very handguns Clinton wants to ban!  Does she think that she can win more than one or two of these states after saying these things on video?  Remember, all but one of these states enacted their carry laws with strong public support.  Every one of these states has seen crime drop.  People in these states LIKE the fact that they can legally carry a handgun if they want to.

There is a very good reason why Pres. Obama downplayed gun control until after his reelection.  He absolutely knew about the reality of this map.  This map is why he was not even able to get expanded background checks - for which there is much more support - through a Senate dominated by his own party.

Now Hillary Clinton has decided to challenge the gun owners in these very same states that passed citizen concealed carry.  Gun rights activists in these states are organized, motivated and ready.  She has handed them the very thing that they need to motivate their flow gun owners and their families - a threat of an unconstitutional gun confiscation program.  Many of these people voted for President Obama in the last two elections - but when they believe their gun rights are threatened, history proves that they vote one way: In favor of their 2nd Amendment rights.

Hillary's comments may get her the Democratic nomination - but they have likely cost her - and her party - the general election and the presidency.  She has already lost.

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