Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Why the Obama Administration is Thrilled Over the Hobby Lobby Decision

To answer that question, we have to ask a wider question: Was Obamacare ever intended to actually work?

I submit to you that Obamacare was intended to fail from the very beginning.  We all know about the many lies, failures and complications we have experienced so far - and the law is only about 10% implemented.  In the next year, as we move towards full implementation, this law will continue to be plagued with problems until it eventually falls apart due to premiums being so high that most Americans cannot afford insurance.

How does this relate to the Hobby Lobby case?  Simple: If the government, not employers, is providing the coverage, than the conflict with the free exercise of religion does not exist.  That's why they are even now LYING about the effect of the decision.

What they want to do is sell the lie that this decision prevents women from using contraception.  It doesn't.  At most, it means that your employer doesn't have to pay for it - and as the court pointed out, there are many other ways for government to provide contraception to people other than requiring people to violate their sincerely held religious beliefs.  By lying about the true effect of the case, they create another crisis surrounding Obamacare - and MAKE NO MISTAKE - THEY WANT TO CREATE A CRISIS.

When the Obamacare crisis reaches critical mass, what will the administration propose?  I don't think there is any question: The administration will propose a single payer, national healthcare system supported by massive increases in taxes.  They will tell the American people that, "We tried to make a private system work, and it failed - therefore we need a public solution."  This would eliminate the religious conflict as well as being more workable.  It is not what I want, but it would actually be better than Obamacare.  A mixed system often times does not work as well as either of the systems it is made up of.  IMHO, such is the case with healthcare.  A private system works best, a public system is far inferior (witness the VA!) and a mix of the two (Obamacare) does not work at all.

That is what they have always wanted, but they rightly judged that the American people were not ready.  Obamacare really has but one purpose: To get us ready for socialized medicine.

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