Monday, June 16, 2014

Today's Round Up: Eight Defensive Firearms Uses

Florida - June 1st - Homeless drug addict attacks man.  Man fires in self defense.  Police decide it's justified.

North Hollywood CA: Man living in his van shoots and kills attacker who repeatedly rammed his van with his vehicle.  (Note: Under CA law, this man's van was his temporary residence and he is therefore permitted to have a loaded firearm within it when it is not being driven.)

Cobb County GA: Man shoots and kills one of two home invaders.

Cheswold DE: Homeowner fires shots, repelling home invasion.

Colorado Springs, CO: Armed resident repels car thieves without firing a shot

Bakersfield CA: Armed store owner repels attacker.  (Note: Firing warning shots is a bad idea and can get you arrested, even though it worked out in this case.)

Kocomo IN: Man shooting escaped mental patient attempting to break into his home.

Bay City MI: Man holds home invader at gunpoint.

Thanks to Guns Save Lives for positing these incidents.

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