Friday, June 6, 2014

Eight Defensive Firearms Uses Make News In One Day

The day after one of my denomination's universities was the sight of a would be mass shooting which was stopped by a very brave person with pepper spray, eight separate defensive gun uses (DGUs) made news in ONE DAY.

DGU #1 Business owner shoots at man believed to be a burglar

ORANGE COUNTY  FL: Car dealer working late shoots man who forced entry into his dealership's building.  The dealership owner says he felt threatened and at this point is not expected to be charged, deputies said.

DGU #2  Shooting at Apodaca Park considered self-defense, police say

LAS CRUCES, N.M: Father and four year old son assaulted by two men who threatened to kill them.  One shot from the fathers handgun stopped the attack.  Both the wounded suspect and the unwounded suspect are in custody.

DGU #3 Concealed handgun brings quick end to road rage altercation

TEMPLE TERRACE FL: Apparently upset with some aspect of his driving, two men attempted to assault a man with a baseball bat.  Three shots from the man's handgun were enough to stop the attack.  Police do not believe that the attackers were hit.

DGU #4 Armed suspect who attempted to steal the victim's car at gunpoint is shot and killed

Tulsa OK: Armed robber demanded a man's car at gun point.  Victim was able to access a shotgun while "looking for the keys".  He was able to turn the tables on his attacker, who ended up being the one who was shot and killed.

DGU #5 Fatal North Port shooting is ruled justifiable

North Port FL: Ex-boyfriend/stalker forced entry into home in an attempt to assault both the new boyfriend and former girlfriend.  New boyfriend fired in defense of self, his girlfriend and her four year old child.  Shooting ruled justifiable after extensive investigation.

DGU #6 Homeowner kills suspect during break in

OXFORD NC: Armed suspect shot and killed after forcing entry into home.

Sheriff Brindell Wilkins Jr. said the department was not releasing the name of the homeowner for his protection as others involved in the break-in have not yet been found.

The homeowner was uninjured and will not be charged in the shooting.

“They were breaking into his house; you’ve got the right to defend yourself,” Wilkins said. “The suspect had a gun and a knife.”

DGU #7 Teen shot fleeing scene of burglary after ramming occupied car 

East Pierce County WA: 17 year old rammed another car in an attempt to flee burglary.  The driver - who had positioned his car to prevent the suspect from fleeing - fired in self-defense.   The boy is known to deputies as a burglar and drug user.  He is in custody and likely will survive to face attempted murder charges.

DGU #8 Police: Man With Gunshot Wound Likely Home Invasion Suspect

NASHVILLE TN: Homeowner told police he heard someone trying to break-in through his door and he fired one shot. The alleged burglar ran away from the scene.

Soon after, investigators said a man showed up to an area hospital suffering from an apparent gunshot wound.

Of course, according to the anti-gun rights crowd, these kind of incidents never happen.  The national media seldom covers them - but you can see by these local media reports, they are much more common then most people think.  Furthermore, research shows that just as police officers draw their guns and get suspect compliance thousands of times without having to fire - citizens also use firearms to end threats without firing hundreds to thousands of times for each of  incident in which shots are fired - but these incidents almost never make the news.  A typical incident involves the citizen pointing a gun at the threatening person and that person responding by fleeing.  No one being shot or arrested is usually a non-story and many of these incidents are never even reported to police.

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