Thursday, May 1, 2014

Bloomberg and the NRA: A Study in Contrast

Which One Really Represents A Grass-Roots Movement?

As most readers will know, Billionaire Michael Bloomberg has pledged 50 Million Dollars to "fight the NRA".  The first battle took place at the NRA Annual Meeting in Indianapolis.  The contrast between the two groups was dramatic.

Bloomberg brought two of his "owned and operated" "AstroTruf" groups: Mom's Demand Action and Every Town For Gun Safety.  Nowhere to be seen was his previous front line group, Mayors Against Illegal Guns - which was plagued by resignations and felony convictions among its' members, not to mention the theft of services from the City of New York.

Bloomberg's Mom's Demand Action brought the larger group of protesters - estimated at about 100-200 persons.  They were lead by their full time paid Chairperson and were bused in at Bloomberg's expense.  There also have been reliable reports that all of their travel expenses and lodging were also paid for.  They stayed for one hour - just long enough to enable sympathetic media to take a few pictures and do some interviews.  Then they left.

Every Town For Gun Safety also made an appearance - with about 25 protesters.  This group admitted that these "protesters" were also on an all expenses paid trip.

So, these protests - which have been portrayed as significant and ground breaking grass roots movements in the left wing media - involved about 200 (or less) paid protesters.  (PROTECTED BY PAID AND ARMED SECURITY GUARDS!)

I must say that, given their funding, I am not impressed.

Contrast this with the NRA:

The NRA has 5 Million Members - everyone of which has PAID TO JOIN.  Most pay $25.00 per year in dues - but many have paid $500.00-1000.00 to become life members.  In addition to it's members, the NRA has between 10 and 20 Million supporters who donate a few dollars a year.  In addition, two other gun rights groups - the Gun Owners of America and the Citizens Committee For The Right To Keep and Bear Arms each have over 750,000 paid up members.

The NRA Annual Meeting drew nearly 70,000 members - every one of which paid for their own travel and lodging. 

Contrast the above picture of the protesters with these taken at the Annual Meeting.

The NRA is often accused (falsely) of being an organization that is run by the "evil gun makers".  Even if this were true, why was the NRA able to draw 350 times as many people - all of whom paid their own way?

No matter what you may think of the NRA, the gun rights movement or gun owners - the fact is that the NRA and the larger gun rights movement is the largest grass roots civil rights movement in existence today.  The NRA has responded to Bloomberg's 50 Million Dollar assault with this video:


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