Sunday, April 6, 2014

Political Persecution Could Never Happen Here, Right?

Imagine that you decide to exercise your civil rights and become politically active.  You decide to found an non-partisan organization dedicated to making sure that voter fraud does not affect our elections.  Who could possibly be opposed to that?  Who wouldn't be in favor of that?

Well, the answer those questions appears to be the Obama administration and the Democratic party.  Consider what happened to a woman from Texas who did just that:

First, the IRS gave her the "special conservative organization" treatment when she applied for non-profit status.  A decision was delayed for years while she was sent more and more questions.  Of course, this meant that her donations were much lower than they would have been if people could deduct them.  This, of course, meant that she was not able to do as much as she might have done to fight voter fraud.  Excuse me for thinking that this was to point all along.

Many groups got the same treatment but the Obama administration saved their best treatment for this poor woman (Ms. Engelbrecht) - who runs a small business, as a very small part of its' business, is involved in the firearms industry.  In addition to the IRS withholding a decision, the federal government did the following:

The FBI's domestic terrorism unit contacted her six times - supposedly because someone "they were watching" had attended the same Tea Party meetings that she attended.

The IRS audited her business - and when they could find nothing wrong there, they audited her personal returns.

OSHA conducted a surprise inspection and audit of her business.

The EPA showed up too, because "Someone called in a compliant".
"Congressman, I wish I had better answers,"
ATF Director 
B. Todd Jones

Perhaps most frightening of all, the ATF - which was in the news with its' "Fast and Furious" scandal - conducted two surprise inspections - something usually reserved for those suspected of illegal gun trafficking.

Number of times ANY of these agencies had ever contacted Ms. Engelbrecht or any of her associated companies before she established "True the vote" and applied for non-profit status? ZERO.

Of course, we are supposed to believe that all of this is a coincidence.  If it wasn't surely the mainstream media would be telling us how this is a massive abuse of executive power.  They would surely never hush up a story that could at best be a huge embarrassment to the Obama administration and at worst lead to his impeachment.  Or would they?

There is one more question that must be answered: Why is the Obama administration and the Democratic party so afraid of anything or anyone who wants to investigate or control voter fraud?  Why would they be in favor of it continuing - unless that is how they are winning elections?


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