Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Obama's Plan To Use His New Surgeon General To Ban Guns

A few months ago Sen. Harry Reid (undoubtedly at the urging of Pres. Obama) DESTROYED 200+ YEARS OF SENATE TRADITION BY ABOLISHING THE FILIBUSTER FOR POLITICAL APPOINTMENTS.  While not mandated in the Constitution, the requirement that 60 Senators had to agree to end debate served as a critical check on executive power.  It is quite rare for the president's party to hold 60 votes in the Senate, thus it was necessary for the president to appoint people to positions requiring confirmation who could get at least some support from the other party.
 This system worked exceedingly well for the nation's entire history - until Reid and Obama decided to scrap it in their pursuit of raw political power.  Now the most radical president we have ever had can appoint people just as radical as he is with no fear that they will not be confirmed.  Another step in the fundamental transformation of America.

Many have wondered why Reid and Obama would do this, since, when the other party gains power, it could be used against them.  Hopefully they are only short sighted - but my question is: What if they aren't?  What if the plan is to make sure - by any means necessary - that they never face that situation?  After all, no one in over 200 years made this move for precisely that reason.  Why are these two men so confident that they will never be in the minority?  What are they willing to do to make sure this doesn't happen?  More about this later.

One exception to this could be Obama's appointment of a new surgeon general (Dr.Vivek Murthy) who is an anti-gun rights zealot.  After vowing to accomplish radical gun control by going around congress, this comes as no surprise.  MAKE NO MISTAKE, THIS IS AN EFFORT TO ACCOMPLISH GUN CONTROL VIA, YOU GUESSED IT: OBAMACARE.  Think about it.  If the surgeon general were to find that gun ownership posed a "significant health risk" (not true, but since when does that matter?) - could the administration rig the system so gun ownership required the payment of a huge health insurance "premium surcharge"?  But nothing in the law permits this you say.  Since when has this mattered in Obamacare?  The president has simply modified it as he has seen fit.  Obamacare is the greatest expansion of government power in the history of our republic - because healthcare touches everyone.  Instead of banning guns, this approach is one that gun control advocates have often used: Make owning guns so difficult and expensive that only a well off minority can afford to do so.  

The NRA and other gun rights groups know this and have begun to lobby against Dr. Murthy's appointment, as have pro-gun rights reporters.  Some have seen this coming since the inception of Obamacare.  None of this should surprise gun owners, since the gun control movement twists and misapplies laws at will in order to accomplish its' goals - witness California AG Harris's move to ban all semi-auto handguns using existing law. 

Given that doctors kill (via medical malpractice) over 600 times as many people as are killed with so called "assault rifles" and roughly 17.5 times as many people as are murdered any kind of firearm, one might very well ask why the medical community isn't dealing with its' own problems first?  Why are they going after our gun rights?  After all, this could save many more lives.  The truth is that saving lives is but a pretense - the real goal is the systematic disarming of the American people.  Anything that does this must be made a priority,  This must be accomplished by any means necessary.  IT DOES MAKE ONE WONDER WHY.  It makes me wonder if this has something to do with why Reid and Obama think their party will never loose power.

While the filibuster existed, there was zero chance that anyone as radical as Dr.Vivek Murthy could ever be confirmed.  Now it is at least a chance that he may be confirmed.  However, given that gun control could not get past the Democratically controlled Senate, and that the election is even closer now, there is a very good chance that he may find it impossible to get the 50 votes he needs.  One thing is sure, if this man is confirmed, he will do everything possible to abolish your right to own guns.  He must be stopped.   The future of our constitutional republic may depend upon it.

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