Friday, February 15, 2013

President Obama Is Not Interested In Protecting Kids

I'll say it out loud: Pres. Obama is not really interested in protecting kids. If he was, he would embrace the idea of armed guards in schools - an idea supported by California Sen. Barbara Boxer - who is certainly not a supporter of gun rights. He would recognize the undeniable fact that 99.5% of mass shootings take place in so called "gun free zones" and call for an end to these killing fields. He would go after criminals that violate the thousands of federal gun laws already on the books - instead of REDUCING prosecutions by 40%. More than anything else, if he wanted to stop mass shootings and all manor of violence, his primary thrust would be in the field of mental health. If he did these things, which are supported by almost everyone, then the violence he says he wants to stop would at least be greatly reduced. So, why doesn't he do this?

The only possible answer is simply horrifying: He needs lots of dead bodies to achieve his goal: The effective destruction of the 2nd Amendment and the effective disarmament of the American people. This has been his goal for a very long time. When he was a professor at the University of Chicago, long before he entered politics, he told another professor what he really believes: "No one except the police and the military should be able to possess a firearm". He knows he can't do this all at once - so he plans to do it in stages, banning and eventually confiscating different kinds of guns until he has banned virtually all firearms.

This is why he won't use the laws on the books to the maximum. This is why he wants your kids to be defenseless victims. He needs dead bodies, preferably children, so that each time there is an outbreak of mass shootings he can say, "We need to do more". If something greatly reduces the killings, he won't be able to push his real agenda. Just watch - he may give lip service to the things that will really work, but he won't really do anything on these fronts. 95% plus of his energy will be focused on new gun laws aimed, not at criminals, but at law abiding Americans exercising their 2nd Amendment rights. Once those rights have gone and the plain reading of the 2nd Amendment rendered mute, the rest of your rights won't be far behind.  Wake up!

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