Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pro-American Demonstrations Prove Not All Muslims Hate The US

Today in Benghazi and Tripoli Libya there were large demonstrations, with a different twist: These demonstrators were protesting against the terrorists and in favor of the US.  A wide range of ages was represented, from small children to seniors - both men and women.  Signs were present in both Arabic and English - but no matter what the language, they were universally pro-American and anti-terrorist.

Some of the signs in English:

"Benghazi is against Terrorism"

"Christ Stevens Was A Friend To All Libyans"

"R.I.P. Christopher Stevens"

"Thugs and Killers Don't Represent Benghazi nor Islam"

"This does not represent us"

"Islam against terrorism"

"Libyans against TERROR, Murder is NOT Islam."

"We are sorry....."

Held by a small boy: "Sorry People of America this not the behavior of our Islam and Prophet"

In Arabic:

"No to al Qaeda, no to terrorism, this is a youth revolution."

"No No No to Al Qaeda."

In reference to the attackers and assassins, "Sorry prophet Mohamed, these are followers of Gaddafi."

"Sorry our prophet, sorry USA. Disloyalty not our character."

"We are NOT going to be new Somalia"

Given the fact that news reports now indicate that even those who protested against the "anti-Islam movie" were peaceful, and that the attack came from a small group of terrorists who used the demonstration as "cover", these demonstrations are not surprising.  The Libyan people do remember who stood with them as they fought for freedom - and they are willing to risk becoming targets of the terrorists in order to let us know.

What lessons can we learn from this?  Simple, we need to help Muslims gain their freedom, as we did in Libya.  If we don't, we risk all of these countries becoming like Egypt - were we did little to help the people gain their freedom - and they voted in the hard line Muslim Brotherhood.  Right now, Syria hangs in the balance.  With a small amount of help, the people could gain their freedom and deal a huge blow to Iran.  If we do that, the reaction of the Libyan people is an indication that they will not forget.  If we fail to help them, they will likely remember that too.

P.S. - According to Fox News, Libyan security forces took causalities, including several killed, in an attempt to protect our ambassador.  It has also been reported that the Libyan government has arrested some of the terrorists.  If true, this may indicate that they had minimal, if any public support - since it would appear that someone reported them.


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