Thursday, August 9, 2012

Proof That Man Pushing New California Gun Law Wants To Ban All Guns

As this is written, a bill is moving forward that will make it nearly impossible for anyone in California to own the most common - and best selling - gun in America: The AR-15 pattern rifle.

Currently, in order for such guns to be owned in their normal configuration the magazine must be "locked" in place and must require a tool for it's removal.  Furthermore, it is a felony to insert a magazine capable of holding more than 10 rounds.  In other words, these guns are crippled.  But since they still "look evil" state Senator Leeland Yee wants to ban them, and confiscate all of them with out any compensation.

Recently information has come to light that reveals the true agenda of these San Francisco anti-gun politicians.  This information proves that those in the gun rights community who have warned that the ultimate goal is to get rid of all guns - including traditional hunting rifles and shotguns - are 100% right.

The following is a screen shot of an Internet chat between Matt Gray and Sen. Yee's point man for his new gun law (SB249), Adam Keigwin.  The relevant text of the conversation is:

Matt Gray: They can be banned for future purchase, but not taken from current owners without due process of law and compensation (i.e. buyback). A high powered 30-06 deer hunting rifle has far more dire conseqenses, and at a greater distance, as does a shotgun which sprays nearly 3 dozen 30-caliber bullets at once at a very effective urban range.

Adam Keigwin: Let's get rid of those too.

The actual screen shot appears above.  To view it full size in a new window, click here.

Let there be no doubt, even though the Supreme Court has twice held that gun ownership is a constitutional right and that guns "in common use" cannot be banned, Adam Keigwin wants to do just that.  Banning guns that "look evil" and have been labeled as "assault weapons" is only step one.  Adam screwed up and revealed the true agenda that he and his boss have in mind: A total ban on all guns just like they have in Yee's native land - Communist China.

No matter what state you are in, take the time to visit - and then DO SOMETHING.  If you are in CA, contact your State Senator and Assembly member.  If you are outside CA, stay on top of this issue.  We may need help fighting this law in the courts.  If California can get away with this, you can bet that Pres. Obama, or someone like him, will try it nationwide. We need to stop this here and now.  Stand with us.

Update: Yee's bill has been killed in committee by a liberal Democrat!  See THIS POST.

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