Tuesday, April 3, 2012

President Obama's Contempt For The Constitution

The degree of contempt in which our current president holds the Constitution he is sworn to "preserve, protect and defend" seems to be greater than most of us thought.

1) It is a "charter of negative liberties" rather than a document that states "what the government must do for you."

2) He has no problem taking military action without the consent of Congress. (Yes, I know, he's not the only one who has done this.)

3) He thinks nothing of killing American citizens who are under terrorism charges without even attempting to take them into custody for trial. No legal basis, no due process. It's a difficult issue - but that is all the more reason to find a constitutional way to handle it. Like running it by both Congress and the Supreme Court.

4) He has no problem rebuking the Justices of our highest court in front of Congress - when has any other president done this?

5) We all know how he feels about the 2nd Amendment, and in Fast and Furious it appears that he has at least failed to discipline those involved in a conspiracy against it.

6) After campaigning against "Gitmo" as an affront to the Constitution, 4 years later it's still open.

7) His Administration's implementation of Obamacare clearly violates the 1st Amendment's protection of freedom of religion and conscience.

8) Most recently, he has attacked the Supreme Court's greatest reason for being: Their obligation to determine if a law passed by Congress and duly signed into law by the president violates the Constitution. Without this check upon the power of elected officials, the Constitution and the Supreme Court both become irrelevant.

President Obama is very well versed in Constitutional law. He did not make yesterday's comments out of ignorance. He knew exactly what he was doing: Testing the waters to see if he could be the second president to defy SCOTUS and get away with it. (Jackson's removal of the Cherokee being the first.)

Given today's comments, it appears that he caught a lot of flak - and I bet not all of it was from the right. I also would be willing to bet that the 5th Circuit got a call from someone on SCOTUS asking them to make the request they made of the Attorney General today.

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  1. Well ALL THAT and STILL not a single instance of President Obama "showing contept" for our Constitution....I dcould show you a LOT more CONTEMPT for our Constitution from Conservatives....how about Bush/Cheney killing DUE PROCESS, starting TORTURE, Secret Rendition, bugging American citizens phones without warrants, Seems to me Conservatives are not only Anti American, they are anti Patriots and criminals as well. Obama seems a much better choice.