Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Just In Case You Have Any Doubts About Media Bias

"If you don't have anything good to say, don't say anything" may be good advice for interpersonal relationships, but it is terrible policy for journalists and news organizations. Yet this is exactly the policy most of the mainstream news media has regarding the current occupant of the White House.

For the last year the administration has come under scrutiny for a scandal in many ways worse than Watergate: The willful supplying of high powered firearms to Mexican drug cartels without the knowledge of the Mexican government. Mexican law makers are demanding that those responsible - including US government officials - be extradited to Mexico for trial. On the US side of the border a US Border Patrol Agent was killed by cartel thugs using guns supplied by the ATF!

The paper trail directly implicates Attorney General Eric Holder and also leads to a White House aide (who was quickly transferred to Iraq when his involvement became known). As a result, nearly 60 Senators and Representatives have called for his resignation and a no confidence vote is looming. In the last few months Holder has been grilled by congressional committees multiple times and there is serious talk about his impeachment.

There has been a great deal of press coverage, but if your news source is the NBC News flagship program - the NBC Nightly News - you don't know anything about this story. Why? Because in the nearly one year this story has been out there, they have not covered it once! Furthermore, the ABC Nightly News has also failed to cover the story.

So, we have a story bigger than Watergate - a serious scandal in which no one died - and the flagship news programs on two of the three major networks have embargoed the story. This is in spite of the fact that two American agents are dead along with countless Mexican citizens, including elected officials.

In contrast, Fox News, CBS News, CNN, the LA Times and lots of other media outlets from all across the political spectrum have covered the story - in fact CBS was the first major outlet to report on it. CBS beating even Fox News to the punch! Why have NBC and ABC ignored the story?

The obvious reason is both obvious and instructive: NBC News and ABC News are operating as if they are the official Obama administration media. IN THE COMING ELECTION, ALL AMERICANS SHOULD REMEMBER THIS.

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