Monday, November 7, 2011

The High Tech Lynching Continues

Those of us who remember the Clarence Thomas hearings may be experiencing "De Ja Vu" this week as the attacks on Herman Cain continue. In the words Justice Thomas, this appears to me to be a high tech lynching for what the liberal establishment considers to be an "uppity black" who thinks for himself.

On Friday we learned that the only known accuser who did anything at the time of the supposed "harassment" was going to speak through her lawyer and remain safely anonymous - just like the rest of his accusers.

Today, we had the first person willing to speak publicly. Flanked by her ultra liberal attorney, she made accusations of outright sexual assault that took place 15 years ago. She did not report it at the time and has no evidence to support her statements beyond her own supposed statements at the time made to a boyfriend and a mentor. (Neither of whom has come forward at this time and neither of whom has been identified by this latest accuser.)

When someone makes such and accusation - and the accused person denies the accusation (as Herman Cain has done) - the character of both people is very important.

What do we know about the accuser? Not much, except she has not been employed in 15 years, has a 13 year child who was born out of wedlock, and she has been involved in multiple lawsuits. There are also reports that she is deep in debt.

What do we know about the character of Herman Cain? We know that he has been married to the same woman for 40+ years. We also know that he worked his way up from poverty in the days of segregation. We know that he is deeply religious. We know that he has been an executive in several business for 30+ years - and that in that time none of the companies he was employed by discovered a single "well founded" case of harassment of any kind. We know that he was employed in positions that would require pre-employment background checks (What big corporation would hire a CEO without thoroughly checking him or her out?)

We also know of one case where an accusation was settled for a relatively small amount of money by Cain's employer. There was no admission of guilt and it appears that the accusation came at the end of this persons employment and the "settlement" included severance benefits. The exact amount has not been disclosed, but is reported to have been well within the "nuisance value" a potential lawsuit. Of course it is common for insurance companies and corporations to pay for a problem to “go away”. Of course, we know that this person continues to hide behind their lawyer so they can avoid the kind of scrutiny Herman Cain is being subjected to. She has offered her testimony in the court of public opinion and has not be subjected to cross examination.

More evidence could come forward to totally change my opinion – but at this point I believe that Herman Cain is getting a raw deal. I think someone is very afraid of him.

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