Thursday, October 13, 2011

Six Undeniable Facts Related To The Fast and Furious Gunwalker Scandal

1) Within weeks of taking office, in an effort to pass new gun laws, the Obama administration lied about the number of guns coming from US retail outlets and recovered at Mexican crime scenes. Their figure was 90%. This lie was exposed almost immediately.

2) According to diplomatic cables released by Wiki-leaks, at the same time Hillary Clinton was promoting the 90% lie, the US Ambassador in Mexico sent several cables reporting that the vast majority of guns were coming from the Central American Black Market.

3) At almost the same time as (1) and (2), operation Fast and Furious was begun. This operation – in contrast to those botched under the Bush administration – was designed to do one thing, and one thing only: Pump guns sourced from US retail outlets to the Mexican narco-cartels. The guns were intentionally not tracked, intentionally allowed (and sometimes facilitated) across the boarder and the Mexican government – who would have had to have made any arrests – was intentionally kept in the dark. No one has ever been able to explain how the operation could have served any law enforcement purpose.

4) The ATF rewarded cooperating gun dealers by naming them as “primary sources of crime guns”.

5) The operation involved not only ATF, but DEA and FBI. DOJ clearly coordinated the effort, and knowledge of the operation not only went high within ATF – it also went to the top levels of DOJ. The man in charge of the day to day running of the operation (William Newell) communicated details of the operation to a White House aide in multiple emails over a period of months. He also made multiple phone calls to the same aide. Newell has stated that he only called and emailed the aide because they were “old friends”. Newell also insisted that in Fast and Furious no guns walked – calling his credibility into question.

6) The only reason we know anything about this is that brave agents blew the whistle. Had they said nothing, at best it would have been the word of “evil gun dealers” against the administration. At worst the dealers would have been blamed for Agent Terry’s death and the administration would have had justification for a new round of gun control laws.

As this is written, the scandal is gaining more and more traction in the press and in Congress. A new round of Congressional hearings is on the way. This is not going away anytime soon.

Another interesting development has been the slow realization by the media that AG Holder will not survive this. A month ago, no one outside the “gun rights media” believed Holder would be forced out. Last night BOTH legal commentators on O’Reilly agreed that he is done. Either because he knew and did not stop it, or he did not know and he should have. It happened on his watch.

The other fact that is slowly dawning on some reporters outside the gun rights press is that the ONLY motive for all of this that makes any sense is gun control. It’s taking a long time for them to get there, but the complete absence of any other sensible motive for the six facts above is pushing them in that direction.

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