Friday, August 27, 2010

If You Can Ban The Guns, Ban The Ammo

Unbelievably the Obama EPA is actually considering a ban on ALL LEAD BULLETS. Not only is there absolutely no science behind it, existing law forbids the EPA from regulating ammo. They are considering doing it anyway. When one considers that in pistol calibers, and many rifle calibers, local and state governments ban alternative bullets as a armor piercing - if the EPA passes this regulation there will be no legal pistol ammo in California and much of the rest of the US. After recent Supreme Court Rulings, they can't ban the guns, so they will ban the ammo.

Not only is there no science indicating that lead bullets (as opposed to lead shot) pose any environmental risk in the vast majority of situations, the only possible exception being risk to California Condors who feed on parts of animals killed with lead bullets. This very limited risk has already been addressed with a ban on lead ammo use for hunting in the condor range. The EPA is considering a lead ammo ban for all purposes.

Unlike lead in paint or batteries, the in ammunition is stable and poses no more risk in the environment than it does where it occurs naturally. In addition, lead in firing ranges (where it is most often found in large amounts) is already recycled because it is just too valuable to leave in the dirt berms or bullet traps that catch it. In reality, shooters are some of the most environmentally conscious people in the world. Not only do they recycle the lead from their bullets, they reuse the empty cartridge cases as well.

To make maters worse, 90% of fund for wildlife conservation in the US comes from the sale of the very ammo and ammunition components the EPA is considering banning. Who do you think will have to make up that shortfall?

With the economy in shambles, the Obama Administration has better things to do than this!

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