Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Good News For Gun Owners

All three gun control bills introduced in California this year ( 1810, 2358, and 1934) FAILED!!!! So, no new ammo restrictions, no registration of long guns (state and federal background checks still required), and no ban on openly carrying UNLOADED guns.

In addition to this, last year's stupidest law - AB 932 - that instituted ammo restrictions that failed to stop one crime when applied at a federal level between 1969 and 1985 - is the subject of a lawsuit that has a very good chance of succeeding.

At the Federal level in spite of 2 year of a Democratic congress and a Democratic president who in the past has supported a total gun ban, there have been no new federal gun laws.

With 82% of the American public now supporting the 2nd Amendment, politicians are beginning to realize that enacting more gun laws is a bad thing to do if they want to keep their jobs.